Badarudhuja Islamic Center

The objective of the Badrudduja Islamic Educational Centre is to proactively develop society, using knowledge and spirituality as tools to achieve this goal. Since its establishment in 2003, the institution has fulfilled this responsibility in an exemplary manner. Heedfulness of thousands of people, thousands of students who are currently studying and the thousands of young scholars who have completed their studies here are evidences of this.

Shari'a Studies and Junior/Senior Dawa Colleges are educational institutions overseen by the centre, with approximately 200 enrolled students. The students receive free accommodations, food, and necessary studies.

The Badr Maulid meetings and the monthly Thajilul Futooh spiritual conference, held every Friday, are the emblematic events of the Badrudduja Islamic Center. The community's enthusiasm for participating actively in these two initiatives, which seek spiritual advancement and blessings through prayer, is a testament to the success of the center's efforts towards spiritual development.

Moreover, the Badrudduja Publishing Unit and Badrudduja Holy Travel are prominent ventures that have reached a readership of over ten thousand, helping Badrudduja to establish its presence in the fields of philanthropy and public service.