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About Badrudhuja Islamic Center

The objective of the Badrudduja Islamic Educational Centre is to proactively develop society, using knowledge and spirituality as tools to achieve this goal. Since its establishment in 2003, the institution has fulfilled this responsibility in an exemplary manner. Heedfulness of thousands of people, thousands of students who are currently studying and the thousands of young scholars who have completed their studies here are evidences of this.

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Message from Chairman


Sayyid Shihabudheen Bukhari

Founder and chairman Badarudhuja Islamic Center, Vengara Kuttaloor Malappuram

The Badarudhuja Islamic Center is deeply rooted in tradition, striving to foster the rich Islamic faith tradition and scholarly pursuits through innovative approaches and unwavering determination. Simultaneously, the center embraces modernity to effectively tackle the evolving challenges and transformations of our interconnected world. Serving as a global hub for cutting-edge technologies, advanced research, and forward-thinking innovation, the Badarudhuja Islamic Center seamlessly merges the profound values of the past with the progressive aspirations of the future.May Allah include us in his pious servants, Ameen.
Looking forward to welcoming you to Badarudhuja Islamic Center


College of Sharia Studies

Juma Masjid in Kuttiyiloor has been functioning for twenty years, following the model of traditional madrasa education. Mentoring by renowned professors, excellent staff, and well-rounded co-curricular activities make the college of sharia studies magnificent. Moreover, numerous young scholars have completed their studies here and are serving the community.

College of Da'wah and Islamic Studies (CDIS) (Affiliated to Jamiathul Hind Al Islamiyya)

College of Da'wah and Islamic Studies provides courses of Mukhthasar and under-graduation in the domains of religion and science. Activities involving language and technical skills, creative writing, practical training, and other related activities are included in the curriculum. More than a hundred students are in commendable services after completing their course.

Institute of Dawa and Islamic Studies

Institute of Dawa and Islamic Studies aims to enable students who have completed seventh grade to continue their studies and achieve success through a coordinated moral and academic educational system. The goal is to provide students with multilingual education, personality development, presentation skills, and other skills needed to excel in diverse fields.

Badrud-Duja Publishing Unit

It is a research conducting and publishing initiative of Badrudduja Islamic Center per its goals and objectives. It has succeeded in producing more than ten books in Arabic and Malayalam languages for its Persuaders, including 'Badarum Badreengalum' a Biography of Badr moulid author Abdul Asees Musliyar, Badriyatul Hamziyya's elucidation, “Avvarul-Baswar” etc.

Library and computer center

Badrudduja Islamic Center has extensive facilities for the nourishment of creativity in students. The library has invaluable Arabic, English, Urdu, and Malayalam books totaling around ten thousand. Students are also provided information and communication technology courses based on their interests.

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Bank Account Details:


Account No : 5920 300 400 5000
HDFC Bank, IFSC: HDFC0008431
Vengara Branch
UPI ID: 9525313786-2@okbizaxis
Google Pay: +919525313786


Badr-moulid Majlis

It is the largest Badr eulogizing congregation in Kerala. Held after the fajr prayer every Friday under the leadership of Sayyid Shihabuddin Bukhari Kadalundy, thousands participate in their spiritual enlightenment.

Monthly Thajilul Futooh Spiritual convocation

Thajilul Futooh Badariyyath is a famous verse by Sheikhuna Nalakath Marakkarutti Musliyar, Manjeri. It aims to inspire people toward the afterlife's virtues and attain success. It is recited during the monthly Thajilul Futooh spiritual convocation. Through the Badrud-Duja, the Islamic Center has created spiritual transformation for a significant portion of the community.